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Words we learned through our journey of Indonesia

We survived this trip and we even learned a few things along the way. Bahasa Indonesia is a pretty hard language to learn but we did our best. Here are some phrases that you might be able to use if you ever get to Indonesia:

    *Selamat datang - Welcome

    • Apa kabar? - How are you?
    • Selamat pagi - Good Morning
    • Selamat siang - Good day
    • Selamat sore - Good afternoon
    • Selamat malam - Good evening
    • Selamat makan - Have a nice meal
    • Selamat bertamasya - Have a nice trip/holiday
    • Selamat jalan - Have a nice trip/ Goodbye
    • Selamat tinggal - Good bye
    • Terima kasih - Thank you
    • Sama sama - Don't mention it
    • Tidak terimah kasih - No thnak you
    • Berapa harganya? - How much?
    • Mahal! - Expensive
    • Murah! - Cheap
    • Boleh tawar? - Can I bargain
    • Harga pas - Fixed price

We've come and now were about to leave, just to review with all our readers where we've been we're including a route map of where we have been along the way. Take a look:

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Last Day - Noooo!

Travelling to Lombok

Ugg......morning time..............
Apparently I was attacked last night by the Arak attack! HAHA It's goldeny liquid was so hard to resisit and I guess trees!! Too much Arak for me, but they are right not so much hung over as I am tired. I had a long night, me and mother nature.


Anyways today we leave from Padangbai to go to Lombok, it supposedly is a 3.5 hour ferry ride (I plan to nap).We're gonna check out a volcano - Sweet!!! I have always wanted to see one and now this is my second, I believe the volcano is named Mount Rinjani, it is the second highest volcanic peak in Indonesia (1) and part of the "Ring of Fire" (2). We are told it is still active, with the last eruptions happening in 1996.


Mount Rinjani is revered as a sacred place attracting foreigners and locals daily. The locals place offering in the waters to calm to mountain and it is said they also bathe in the natural hot springs for it's for healing purposes.
We never went up the volcano, its like a 3 day hike, but standing at the base makes you think how insignificant and tiny we are in this huge world.

There is this great waterfall at the base of the volcano that we could splash around in instead of climbing called Sendang Gile Waterfall, it is one of Lombok's biggest waterfalls about 600 meters above sea level. Providing crystal clear water for all the rice fields.


We all took a dip, it was refreshing. Oh gosh, I forgot to mention the floating palace we saw today!!! It was crazy, its called Bale Kambang, it was a royal palace belonging to the Balinese kingdom that ruled this island during the 1700's.


Everything here was so different and diverse. Their customs, beliefs and just general way of living is so different then ours, I will definitely be back here one day - if i leave?!?!

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Beach Day!!!

Padangbai and Sakenan Temple

24 °C

Today is our beach day and relaxation before the trip to the neighboring island to visit the town of Lombok. The Beaches in Bali are one of the main attractions. A few we're planning on visiting which all travellers would note on being some of the top 3 would be Kuta which is know for the younger crowd who love to party (1), Sanur which is known as a family beach, and Nusa Dua beach which is known for its large resorts and beautiful beaches (2).

Kuta Beach

Sanur Beach


Nusa Dua Beach


I got my towel, sunscreen and smut mag. I also picked up here at the beach, a fantastic handmade traditional Balineses Batik Sarong, The technique used to make the design and look of Batik is over millions of years old originating in Egypt. It involves using wax resistance dying technique then melting or heating the wax off and repeating till the desired look is achieved. Some of the finest Batik cloth comes right from this region. All my girlfriends are going to love these, we are planning to go to central america this summer so I think I'll bring some back!
I also have my smut magazine and a stash of the local wine called Hatten The wine is made locally with grapes from northern Bali. It costs about Rp100,000 - Rp160,000 in restaurants and a tad less in the store. The Balinese have been enjoying the local brand of Arak, Brem and Tuak as long as anyone can remember. Tuak is made from the juice of the coconut palm flower, Brem from black rice and coconut milk and Arak is like a spirit made from either of the first two. This is usually served on the "rocks", called an "Arak Attack" for us tourist or locally called "Arak Madu" - it has Arak, lemon or orange juice and honey - very nice!!! They say there is no hang over...we'll see. It has an excellent glow to it, which I will share later on this evening.


We hit the town of Padangbai which is a "beach" town on the eastern coast of Bali. This pace is known for its beaches - white sand and black!!! The sand thing is just weirding me out, I am in love with it. I want to bottle up truck loads, well okay who am I kidding, so far I want to bottle up everything! But check out the views. This is what Bali is also know for - beaches and temples!! And let me say, there is a lot of both. This town also serves as the Port to Lombok, convenient, I think so!! This is a lovely town, with friendly locals and a great quieter atmosphere then the party town of Kuta on the east coast.


Hint to traveller, there is a beach just to the north of the port called Blue Lagoon and the especially nice "Secret Beach" just to the south of town. There are many clustered beaches here with small family owned restauants called Warungs they served us a cheap hot meal and gave us Arak Attacks, pretty tasty I must say. The family served us traditional Balinese food, one dish called Babi Guling which is made from the crispy skin and pieces of grilled suckling pig and Sate Lilit which is made from minced prawns and fish. A lot of dishes contain coconut and its by-products, but when in Rome do as the Romans. it actually tasted really good, maybe the Arak helped maybe not, I just know late lunch was fantastic- along with the company we kept!


After a late lunch and trying to communicate as much as possible, other then the minor verses we have learned over the past few weeks, our new found friends invited us for a cruise along to this little island to see....guess?!!? Yes, another temple.


We got to travel in one of those little flat wooden bottomed boats sometimes with a canopy over top called a Sampan used for river transport through the centuries and even as homes, but only on inland waters. It was a really neat experience, the temple was just the topping on the cake. This day hasn't turned out better, now for a party before our last day in this magnificent country! Arak attacks for all.

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Beautiful Bali - Islands of the Gods

Lovina - Denpasar

sunny 21 °C

So finally here....it seems like an eternity since we first left Calgary, but we've seen Sumatra and Java, now for the island of Bali. We hopped on a ferry in Ketapang and crossed to the harbor town of Gilimanuk, it only took 30 min including docking and de-boarding. There really isn't much to see here other then the port....w-o-w!
Anyways we caught the local mini-bus which is called 'Bemo' it runs 24 hours a day every 30 min at night and 20 min during the day (Excellent!) along the northern coast. Which has some of the most amazing beaches I've ever seen. Some are black sand, I have never seen black beaches before, they look like sparkly coal covered ground, it's great, but not so soft, intiriguing either way, I believe it is due to the large amounts of volcanic rock and ash.


There are many places to relax and suntan here, I must say mine is coming along nicely. The bus ride was short, 2 hours to get to Lovina. With a quick splash in the sea, I thought we'd try some surfing, not as easy as it looks, but for the less experienced or daring there is also great snorkeling here seeing as how Bali is surrounded with coral reef. Tomorrow is a new day so we'll crash for the evening here.

Got up this morning and went for a swim, turns out early morning is when to catch a view of these friendly dolphins we keep hearing about. It's rather early but that's okay, we have a lot in store today...I am excitted, today we get to see animals up close and personal. The road we are on has many stops and attractions along the way, two of which are I think gonna be the favorites of my vacation - The Elephant Safari Park and the Monkey forest!!!! We are also going to check out some of the temples and religious sites Bali is know for, there seem to be thousands - everywhere we go almost, there seems to be one or...17 within the area.
Well here we are in the Safari park, here we got to feed the Elephants and pet them and ride them. The really are the gentle giants. They are really lucky (elephants) to have this place, it is set on 2 hectares of exotic botanical rainforests. It is internationally known as the World's best Elephant Park and is a must see for any visitor to Bali. It also houses the only Mammoth skeleton in south east Asia. Look at how adorable they are.


Look at that baby elephant, he had the biggest attitude!! And the hair on his head was so funny...I want one, I don't care the cost, I want one! The Monkey park was cool, but for some reason they make me nervous. I just feel like at any moment they are going to jump all over me and pick at my hair or something. Check out this site for a glimpse of the excitement!


The Temples here on Bali are some of the most famous attractions that you'll want to see. There are two temples here, one standing in the middle of the nutmeg forest (1) and the other at the edge of the park. The monkeys here are held sacred by the Balinese alo
Along our road trip, final destination Denpasar, we stopped at some temples, one of the most noted temples are Pura Taman Ayun; this is the oldest temple in Bali(1). Located in the town of Mengwi, dating back to 1634. The temple is...is....phenomenal, it is surrounded by a moat, tons of roofed shrines and the carvings are crazy. I'm speechless which does not happen often. One thing thought, no shoes inside and it is custom for women to not bare their shoulders or wear shorts, but the majority of the temples provide a sarong or sashes to tie around waist.

Pura Taman Ayun

It really is amazing how they built and created these shirnes, all the detail that has gone into every part of each temple, shocks me. Maybe we're just lazy now a days or busy watching too much reality t.v. - gosh I miss it! Look at what can be accomplished though!

Bali is known as the island of a thousand temples, which I feel like we have seen!! They are all amazing with wild animals running around like crazy, all the monkeys and exotic birds...I guess to us they are like the squirrels and gophers. I really think though that this place should actually be called monkey island - cuz they are everywhere!! And mischievous, I was told to hold on to my purse and remove any shinny objects, for they will try to take them...seriously.

Look at this cute thing, I wonder what he is thinking?

Pura Luhur

The other most noted temple is Pura Luhur (2), The last temple of the day.
We knew that there were rules regarding entry into the temples but they even have it posted...this really made me laugh!


If you can read it, you too will laugh, but its their customs and beliefs and apparently women need the most restrictions?!?!?!

Anyways, it was built around the 11th century and thought to have been a holy site and the shrines were dedicated to the ancestral gods. It is known as the "Garden Temple and it's amazing cliff top view and let me tell you it is amazing and the grounds were beautiful - I could get married here, it's gorgeous! There is a Rp5000 donation requested and rules of admission must be followed. Just be careful not to get temples confused, this country has many temples that sound very similar and are even spelled the same...somewhat. I thought the tour guide was ripping us off taking us the the same one, but this one is atop a cliff and the other Pura Luhur was inland - the view was sweet!! Check it out.

Again there were more monkeys, they were cute until.....
monkey_het.jpg Yeah, that's right....the little bugger stole my hat!! I guess he was hungry...for fashion!
We were also fortunate enough to catch one of their ceremonial, ritual dances before we left. It had been a long day and we are starving. Just outside is a little market place with fresh fruits and veggies, lovin' the natural food here!
P.S. Check that view and sunset....wow-za!
Tonight we make our way the the town of Ubud where we will find a cheap but comfortable place to sleep. All this walking and fresh air is killing me. :) I need some liquid relaxation!!

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Adventures on Java

The past few days have been filled with a lot of physical activity.
It all started out with a camping trip with white water rafting. We got to the base camp at Pesawahan which was to be the start of our 11.5km rafting down the Pekalen River. This is apparently one of the top extreme sporting things to do in Indonesia. It is quite popular with the 20somethings. It was great, I have been rafting before but this was different cause instead of being cold and getting colder when the water hit you it cooled when the water hit you cause it was humid that day. Also most of the rapids are rated as category 3 and even some 4's The rafting finished at Condong Songa Base Camp where we camped for another day before heading to Ngadisari.


In order to get to Ngadisari we had to fly into Surabaya and then take a 'Damri' shuttle bus from the airport to the Bungasih bus terminal, and then take an express Patas bus (which was air-conditioned unlike the others) for about 3 hours to Probolinggo all this travelling had tired us out so we spent the night in Probolinggo.

The next day we took an hour bus ride up to Ngadisari where we spent the day relaxing before catching yet another bus at 2:30am to Cemoro Lawang, the park entrance where we were to begin our climb up to the top of Mount Bromo to see the sun rise.

Once at the park entrance we were given our horses and told a little bit about what to expect on the ride to the mount and the 250 steps up to the top to see the sunrise; the route to the mount is call Sand Sea because of the grey sand that covers the ground. The mount is the only active volcano in Tengger Caldera national park. The mount was created when an eruption of massive proportions blew the top of the mountain off creating Mount Bromo the active volcano and Moint Batok. When we reached the top it was beautiful amazing experience, to watch the sun rise. We could see the smoke coming out of the volcano and feel the ground shake slightly, but it was kind of scary standing on something that may exploded at anytime.


Once we were our mountain climb we head back to Surabaya to catch a ferry to Bali.

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